Divination Consults

The first divination system I learned was with a deck of playing cards in New Orleans 18 years ago. Since then I study and practice different traditional divination systems. I am willing to share how to access your own inner wisdom or simply do a reading of your choosing. Below are examples of the kinds of reading I offer:

Toltec I-Ching Readings

I practice readings from the book: The Toltec I ching 64 keys to Inspired Action in the New World. The 64 keys are combinations of elemental and earth forces that can offer teachings for choosing change. This particular I-ching is different from traditional I Ching because it includes teachings and archetypes based on Toltecayotl rooted in Mexico.

Tonalamatl Charts

The tonalamatl is a traditional yet complex calendar system that includes the day sign, night sign, number sign, accompanying birds and archetypes as well as festivals celebrated in the 18 month calendar system. I am also able to help explain modern astrological natal charts.

Tarot and Oracle Decks

Depending on what you may need to know, I have a deck and a spread for you. I can do relationship spreads with Baraja playing cards deck, An adapted Golden Dawn spread with Tarot for Life Path questions and Jamie Sams Sacred Path Cards Deck and Spreads for your healing intentions.

In our highest self, we can access divine truth!

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