Mercury Retrograde: Backwards Medicine

Enter the reigns of backwards medicine. It is here that I remember to learn to laugh off the cosmic joke surely after a good amount of angst and frustration is felt. I give thanks for my life. Thanks Creator for this thing called life, for the breath that enters me like a dosage of tranquilityContinue reading “Mercury Retrograde: Backwards Medicine”

Blooming with Venus

We know plenty about the Greek/ Roman mythology of Venus/ Aphrodite -the tempestuous and sometimes capricious goddess of love. We know, perhaps vaguely, the western astrology concept of Venus and its reigns on our intimacy and love relationships according to our horoscope signs and houses. And if you were paying attention to your social mediaContinue reading “Blooming with Venus”

a yearning for spirit rooted activism

I belong to a change-making community. I co-exist with co-creators and visionaries with the audacity of imagining other world of possibilities. Alternately, I have co-habited with people who treat dreamers like me with contempt. I am often hurt by the frequented injustice that we experience both intimately and publicly. I am horrified by the uglinessContinue reading “a yearning for spirit rooted activism”

Crossroads of Choice

In the Codice Borgia there’s an image of a matron energy called Itzpapalotl, the obsidian butterfly, with her face torn off exposing her flesh. She is not evidence of savage sacrifice as it is easy for the western academics to point out. She’s more of a zombie with eagle talons for fingers and jaguar wrists. TheContinue reading “Crossroads of Choice”

Son de Todos: Tradition and Community

“Hasta que el pueblo las canta Las coplas coplas no son Y cuando las canta el pueblo Ya nadie sabe el autor Procura tu que tus coplas Vayan al pueblo a parar Que al volcar el corazón En el alma popular Lo que se pierde de gloria Se gana de eternidad” -Anonymous The conquest ofContinue reading “Son de Todos: Tradition and Community”