Remembering Chavez

As the state of global and national politics becomes increasingly heart wrenching I reflect on my enthusiasm for change and my willingness to imagine another world. I was inspired by then having returned from the World Youth Festival in August 2005 themed “Against war and imperialism, We fight for peace and solidarity.” And the fightContinue reading “Remembering Chavez”

a yearning for spirit rooted activism

I belong to a change-making community. I co-exist with co-creators and visionaries with the audacity of imagining other world of possibilities. Alternately, I have co-habited with people who treat dreamers like me with contempt. I am often hurt by the frequented injustice that we experience both intimately and publicly. I am horrified by the uglinessContinue reading “a yearning for spirit rooted activism”

Crossroads of Choice

In the Codice Borgia there’s an image of a matron energy called Itzpapalotl, the obsidian butterfly, with her face torn off exposing her flesh. She is not evidence of savage sacrifice as it is easy for the western academics to point out. She’s more of a zombie with eagle talons for fingers and jaguar wrists. TheContinue reading “Crossroads of Choice”

Toxcatl Massacre

On May 10, 1520, the people of Tenochtitlan were honoring the festival of Toxcatl –the time when things dry in May. Despite the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores, peace was agreed upon in order to commence the festival, which was celebrated with dances and offerings to Tezcatlipoca –the Smoky Mirror. Often confused for a warContinue reading “Toxcatl Massacre”