My medicine shield. Constructed with the help of my dad, Isaac Martín, a tree, two stones, a purple cowrie shell, an ojo de venado, armadillo hands and crow feathers.

My birth Art (2010)  Journaling and awaiting my little Tzintia’s arrival to this world. A strong within stage for me.

Something that I did at an interactive art exhibit in down town LA art walk (2009)

Creación (2008) My first wood assemblage also constructed with the help of my pops Isaac Martín.

Zapateando for the Ancestors (2007) For the Queendom of Healing Women Art Exhibit. Owned by Claudia Pacheco.

Niña (2006)

Canto a Xiuhtecuhtli (2006) My first self-portrait as an official art student. Of course it had to be mixed media. Owned by Benny Torres.

Untitled (2005). I later wrote my most favorite quote on this canvas and gave it to a beautiful lady Maria Elizabeth Rodriguez. The quote was from Bell Hooks: “The moment we choose to love we begin to move against domination, against oppression. The moment we choose to love we begin to move towards freedom, to act in ways that liberate ourselves and others.”

A graphic I made Columbus day (2005)

A drawing I made for the cover of a Raza Youth Conference for MEChA de UC Davis (2005).

I drew myself. I used to always wear an ojo de venado.

A page from a journal. This is what my college dorm looked like. I had balloons in a hanging rice paper umbrella and I was heartbroken in this entry.

hay corazon (2005)

I don’t remember what happened to this piece. It was originally a monochromatic mauve before I made it grey scale.  Also from my college days.

Before I left to Davis, I gave this to folks at SCYEA, South Central Youth Empowered thru Action, Community Coalition (2004).


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