Sara Margarita

I am Sara Margarita.

My creative work reflects my identity as a sacred wombyn, a mother, a cultural worker, and a diviner.

I use the name: Teo Tlacuila, which in the ancient Mexican language of nahuatl means Sacred Scribe. In Mesoamerican traditions, Artists are scribes and wisdom keepers for the community and are also philosophers, spiritual guides and record keepers -trained in multiple mediums and disciplines.

Likewise, my creative process is multidisciplinary: I create art with words, crystal beads, herbal blends and content that can be saved with flash drives in addition to fine art and three-dimensional works. I use mixed media and earth materials available to me as a way of expressing my own experience as an indigenous womyn reclaiming my identity and artist ways of my ancestry.

I share my healing and reflective process as part of my art, in hopes that you may find it healing and liberating to your spirit as well.

Tlazocamatli for visiting. Hope you gather a seed or two that may be of service to you.


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