The Cosmic Dance

There are basic scientific principles of the sun, moon and earth, which all early ancestors of humanity were able to discern. The movements of these bodies create the dance that inform our relation to time and emotional cycles or biorhythms that all of earth’s creatures experience. The sun is in constant movement flowing outward magnetic solar flares from within its core that return to its origin in its center. The earth dances in spirals around the sun because it is drawn to its magnetism and light. The moon flows within the earth’s orbit, flowing gracefully pulled by the earth’s gravity within its atmosphere. Each of these bodies along with all our neighboring planetary systems and constellations impact our biorhythms. However the Sun, Moon and Earth have a special relation to our immediate physical, spiritual and emotional conditions. The sun is the star of light that gives us the day and feeds our plants and our skins. The sun reflects its light onto the moon as the earth, our mother buries the sun’s direct light during the night.

My ancestors passed down a creation story of that outlines the relationship between sun, moon and earth that tied them as Son (Sun), daughter (moon) and the Earth Mother. Coatlicue (skirt of Seprents) was Coyolxauqui’s (bells on her cheeks) mother meaning that the earth was the moon’s mother. The story describes Coyolxauqui as having a negative relation to her mother because she is jealous that her mother had become pregnant by picking a feather that she placed in her bosom. She felt her mother had disgraced her and their family and wanted to kill the mother and her unborn brother. While Coyolxauqui was attempting an attack on the earth, her mother, Huitzilopochtli (Left sided Hummingbird) is born from Coatlicue’s womb and subsequently attacks Coyolxauiqui shooting her into the sky and dismembering her into pieces that will later become the moon.
This creation story was puzzling to me at first because I couldn’t find a meaning that was appealing to me. Why was the story so violent and full of conflict? In doing further research I found a scientific explanation for the origin of the moon otherwise known as the Giant Impact Theory. According to the theory, “a huge rocky mass the size of planet Mars collided with Earth about 20 million years after the Earth had formed.” The debris from the impact formed around the Earth in a ring shape and developed into what is now known as the moon today. I watched a program on the discovery channel about this same event and it seems that moon rocks had been tested and found alarming amounts of minerals of the Earth. The story of Coyolxauqui clicked at that moment. The impact made the connection of what my ancestors were communication in their creation story.

The Moon’s Duality
The moon’s central power is to harness the duality of the sun and the earth because the moon is formed by earth minerals and yet it reflects the sun’s light, when the earth permits it. Within harnessing the duality of light and darkness, the moon maintains its own cycle of duality of light and darkness by offering to us its new moon darkness as it transitions into its full moon light and transitions into an ongoing cycle. The moon cycle has a profound relation to all of humanity, bodies of water and all of earth’s creatures that contain water. It has been observed throughout time that the Full moon causes water to rise because of the gravitational pull of the moon is strongest when it is full and energized by the sun. Because humans are 80% water, we are just as affected the moon’s cycle. Consequently, at new moon there is less of a gravitational pull making for water to sink or remain low.

Understanding the duality of the moon can be an empowering tool to manage our energies by the moon cycles since we are being affected by it anyway.

The New Moon
The dark energy of the moon in new moon makes it a great time to plant seeds in the earth and plant intentions in the subconscious. It is a great time to clear yourself energetically as the dark part of one’s own energy can take over. The new moon energy is about pulling downward so the the unconscious part of your brain, the lower self is stronger. That means that we need to work more attending to what is in our lower self or in our shadow as my ancestors called it. It’s like cultivating the soil and irrigating the earth so that the seeds that you intend to harvest will grow. At this time we can become impulsive, dynamic and have the will to begin new endeavors or relationships. Being mindless about this time can create a lot of chaos in the world because it means we are acting on energies that we are not consciously aware we want. What we are putting out there in new moon will manifest by full moon. I have no doubt about that since I have been tracking my healing progress with each moon cycle. I have learned to practice being mindful and intentional in the new moon time. I have made it a discipline to tap into my subconscious and clear out what is inside. I do a lot of smudging, journaling and visual art at this time.

New moon time is also an excellent time to menstruate because it allows for shedding of old emotional wounds that need to be let go of before those issues resurface in the next cycle of moon. There is a practice called Lunaception that was developed by physicist Edmund Dewan and Louise Lacey to regulate your menstruation cycle with the moon using lights. The idea is to sleep in total darkness except during full moon time. The woman’s body will naturally begin to respond by ovulating on the 14th or 15th day of your menstruation cycle (counting the first day of your cycle as the first day you bleed). This is a powerful birth control method that activates hormones that produce ovulation during the dark days or what would be perceived as the new moon.

The ancients probably did not have to struggle to regulate their menstruation cycles because there was less artificial light at night. The moon’s light would be the only true source of light at night. In the nahuatl tribes and nations including the Aztec (ancient Mexicans) the moon is referred to as Metzli. Metzli is depicted in codices as being dark within with water rising from it. Around it is the white of the moon depicted as a bowl that is open at the top. The codex image of the moon has also been connected with womb energy and fertility. The rabbit represent fertility and sexuality. What is written about Metzli by mexicayotl philosophers is that this is a dark energy inside of us. This is the part of our consciousness that is deep. So in order to practice any sort of manifestation we begin with working with our shadow self to clear out the obstacles that we will create for ourselves later.

As we transition into the first quarter moon, we may face a challenge of some kind, that usually is the new moon’s intentions that begin to present itself. It is important that we not internalize the challenge emotionally but rather use the intellectual tools of analysis and evaluation to make sense of how we were open to these challenges and how the challenge may serve us in manifesting our true desire in the full moon time.

The Full Moon
The light energy of the moon is bright and beautiful. This reflects the conscious part of our energy. We are willing to project our higher self at this time. The light of the moon is causing the water energies, our emotions to rise. We may be feeling the need to connect with a larger crowd or share with others. We may want to go dancing and fall in love. If we have mental health issues such as depression or anxiety those emotions may be heightened as well. During the full moon time, I am aware that I want to project my energy and I am more open to receiving. And though I may feel the urge to go out and share of my sexual energy I don’t. I have found that is a time that opens my heart and my sacral/sexual energy and I channel that energy to work at tending my intentions that were set in the new moon. If I made an intention to heal a certain aspect of my life a situation like that may come up so I make use of that time and channel my creative energy to create a viable opportunity to heal something, to create something, to solve something or answer a mystery I had about myself. During full moon I like to celebrate since my energy tends to be happy I made it another moon cycle. I like to do tarot readings and use divination in general because I am more apt at getting the answers I need. I also like to sing and pray. I have found that going to full moon sweat is better on me that in new moon.

When our menstruation cycles are regular with the moon we may also find that we have a stronger sexual energy from ovulation. An unconscious womb that is disconnected from the higher self in the mind and the heart may want to take a mate because it wants there may be an unconscious desire to create a baby and this can manifest as an unwanted pregnancy. A conscious womb may also want the same as well but is consciously co-creating with their mate. If pregnancy is not a true desire at this time, it is still important to honor the womb’s desire to create and be rhythmic. I think this would be a great time to chanel sexual energy and dance or use yoni eggs. I have not yet worked with a yoni egg because I am breastfeeding but I am very excited to work with my womb and develop a relationship to my womb in this way.

The energy of the full moon is also a time when Coyolxauhqui is strongest, like a tempestuous and rebellious daughter she is more visible in the full moon. She is a dismembered woman wearing her head dress and armor. She is the energy of decisive action and power. I feel she is memorialized as the full moon energy as a cautionary tale to check with our emotions and be aware of how we externalize them.

As we transition back into new moon time, we might become enlightened to find solutions to our challenges and be able to move some of our blocks so we may implement our true intentions planted in the previous new moon time. The last quarter moon allows for a flow and release that ready us to make conscious decisions. This energy prepares us to sow new intentions and release a part of ourself that no longer serves us.

Honoring the moon cycles and riding the wave of our emotional intelligence unveils much of our personal power. We dance with the moon and court our higher self in practicing self-awareness, self-love and self-healing.

Published by TeoTlacuila

Sara Martin is a mother, artist, writer and jewelry artisan. In Sara's mothering journey, she began the process of cultivating and liberating herself to become a positive healing force for her community by providing support for their creative projects. Sara is currently developing content on sacred womynhood, the power of autonomous self-healing through art, writing and working with medicine allies such as crystals, animal totems, dreams and herbs.

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