the gift of tecpatl

flint is the result of grandfather rock hitting a rock to take form, to be sharp and useful. Mineral hitting mineral.. memory hitting memory.. Sparking an idea, an idea that became useful to humynity. This is the gift our ancestors gave us. This gift is the evidence of sought truth intended to sharpen our strategies for humyn evolution. This evolution is not to compete for survival but rather evolve from within and to serve all humynity as kin, to care enough for one another to create, to think creatively of how to deliver this purpose. These are the points of our evolution as two-leggeds not our ability to out-survive each other.

this is why the tecpatl; [the flint] is an evidence to the evolution, a gift our ancestors gave us because within its form it tells many stories but its true function is a tool, learnable and teachable, a skill for all humynity and even creatures like the ozomahtli to utilize in our advancement as peoples to survive as a whole at a higher scale. as was the invention of horticulture the understanding of how to cultivate earths gifts to better feed our kin.

and these abilities that the antepasados gave us: to analyze, to create solutions, to produce gifts to share on tlalticpac [earth] be it a painting, a dialogue or a child. This is what evolves us as spirits and produces the light that we can radiate here on tlalticpac.


survival mode co-existence is toxic to our spirits resulting in less of that light we can shine to all other kin creations + creatures. Ultimately, this lack of cooperative existence creates conditions for competition. false notions of superiority/inferiority do not cultivate conditions where humyns can create and give the gifts to humynity to increase joy, peace and prosperity to all people’s lives in a sustainable and cooperative way.

on the contrary, this sort of living based on competition that breeds false notion of winners and feeds/profits from stealing/extracting natural resources such as oil by murdering/ democratizing whole communities and attempting to break the spirit of their autonomy. meanwhile, this thinking back in the states, proves their greed and carelessness in protecting the very troth it feeds from. Taking cheap measures to pump oil from under the ocean resulting in the pollution of huiztocihuatl [wombyn of salt -our ocean] seemingly destroying an entire eco-system in the gulf of Mexico. violating a sacred element that sustains of living on this planet for all relations: atl/ water. The false winner murders a whole eco-system making whole communities hungry and sick for a whole way of living has just been polluted.

the outcome of such Darwinian social/ecological competition can not and has proven time and time again not to result in the betterment of humynity but rather its only outcome is to benefit a false winner whom desecrates it most sacred calli/home: earth/tlalticpac. this same thinking this frame of needing to win over others -their own kin and their own home and needing to compete over all others feeds the shadow self that a monstrous growth of which is toxic to our spiritual growth -this is the hegemonic framework in which we as humyns are viewed as some legitimate to walk, own and even defile this sacred land and make other kin humyns and care takers of these lands criminals and exploit their fear of capture, violating yet again the sacred homes of families and loved ones in the state sanctioned separations of kin folk relations. The creation of laws that enforce the negation of humynity is rooted in the false concept of white supremacy from checkpoints in LA to jim crow laws back in the day.


Emerging monarch

the purveying reason that people even consider leaving their homes and homelands is to find a better living because their lands have been appropriated by structural financial debt that also taxes their political-economic sovereignty -a designed function of national capture, built in after their false independence wherein the globe has become increasingly dependent on IMF, World Bank loans and trade agreements only after years of having been robbed, enslaved, violated, murdered upon the arrival of the false winner to most all sacred ancestral lands on this planet. meanwhile, people still need to eat and live their lives divine purpose seeking out at the very least self-evolution. for this hegemonic thinking is not sustainable to this planet nor it’s people and their dreams and desires.

we must resist such laws that violate our humynity + actions that violate all life forms as a whole on this planet. We must continue to cultivate love for ourselves, for our communities, to build strength + power to spiritually evolve as humyns and offer gifts to the future generations of humynity.

Published by TeoTlacuila

Sara Martin is a mother, artist, writer and jewelry artisan. In Sara's mothering journey, she began the process of cultivating and liberating herself to become a positive healing force for her community by providing support for their creative projects. Sara is currently developing content on sacred womynhood, the power of autonomous self-healing through art, writing and working with medicine allies such as crystals, animal totems, dreams and herbs.

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