Sara Margarita

Sara Margarita Martin loves to create expressive arts and jewelry for healing intentions. As a mother of two, she spends her time balancing the creation process with learning the significance of the materials she is working with and it’s connection to cultural teachings to create a parallel healing and learning experience.

Sara’s studies were focused in Afro-Indigenous histories, cultures and movements in Latin America in UC Davis, as well as Black and Brown student activism in South Central Los Angeles. As a student activist, Sara was particularly invested in cultural strategies, which led her to travel to Veracruz, Mexico to learn Son Jarocho music rooted in Afro-indigenous movement and spirituality. She also participated in the World Youth Festival in Venezuela in 2005, which cemented her commitment to cultural work as an integral part of movement building, understanding that reclaiming our ancestral ways is inherently an act of resistance.

Sara is a survivor, reclaiming the word and work of warriors to heal and strengthen within. She is currently in the process of building her portfolio and content to share and continue her commitment of liberation through shared learning and empowerment.

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